Jadau polki jewellery in Andheri

Babita Agrawal Jewellery Provides Jadau Polki, Traditional Indian Jewelry with a Highly Distinctive Style. Polki & Jadau Jewellery is made with Natural Uncut Diamonds, Set In 18kt Gold and Boundary of each Polki Is Done With Pure 24Kt Gold.

Jadau Jewelry is a Mughal Art, A Slightly Complex Method of Setting Precious Gemstones and Polki in Gold. This Technique Requires Artisans of Great Skill with a Teamwork to Accomplish a Distinctive Stylised Jewellery Piece. Adhesives are not used to make Jadau Jewellery. Natural Wax is used to set each Piece of Polki and Gemstone on Heated Gold Piece, Carved Into Unique Designs. On Cooling You Achieve An Exqusite Piece Of Fine Polki Jadau Jewellery. The Reverse Side Of The Jewellery Too Has Exquise Minakari

This is typically made in Rajasthan.we do special designs with our own artisans in Bikaner. Each piece takes about two months to be ready to wear. Therefore each jewellery design is unique and cannot be replicated.

We use a good quality of polki so that the shine doesn't fade away with time. Specifically designed boxes are provided by us to store the delicate jewellery and maintain the polish of gold and keep it safe from pollutants.


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